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Mary Carey was born in Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) in 1952 and has been involved with animals all her life. Her father, Dickie Dickinson, was a Natural Animal Healer and she was brought up with domestic and wild animals; owls, warthogs, birds, cats, dogs, horses, and mice, to name a few.

Mary Carey feels her life would not be right if her time was not filled by these most amazing creatures.

Because Mary Carey has been involved with many different animals since a early age, she can communicate with them easily. To Mary Carey, understanding what they say and what their needs are comes naturally. That way, she passes the information on to the concerned owners.

Mary Carey’s qualifications are Specialised Kinesiologist, Reiki Master Healer, Kinesiology Animal Talk Expert, S.A.N.E.F. instructor, Bowen Practitioner, Equine Touch Practitioner. She is also a qualified, small and large animal Iridologist.

Healing a snake with a respiration problem.

Mary Carey has always had a calling towards animals, except snakes and crocodiles, until recently when she experienced the most awesome moments with snakes and healed one from a respiratory problem. Crocodiles are now also included in her healing.

Mary Carey pioneered the Equine and Animals Natural Healing Touch (E & A N H T) modality in May 2005 and completed the works in May 2006. The Equine and Animals Natural Healing Touch (E & A N H T) modality involves doing “hands on” the animal and learning the “hows” and “whys” of the reactions and processes to be able to understand the animal. It has the most amazing results and changes the animal’s emotional, mental, and physical states.

Her work, the K.A.T./HT takes her around the world. Ireland, UK, France, Norway, Finland, Germany are some of the places she has worked with animals.

Many people asked her to teach the “hands on ” Healing Touch that changed so many animals lives, and that is what brought about the Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch (E & A N H T).

The first teaching overseas was done in Ireland in November 2006, and then in the UK. Mary Carey travels all over South Africa teaching this modality.

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