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My Passion for Animals…

My passion for animals and being able to read eyes from an early led me to Iridology in 2008 and I have never looked back.

I started with a lady in USA who had worked with a vet and started Equine Iridology. This gave me the grounding and insight that it was definitely what I wanted to do and so followed my passion. Around 2013 I knew I couldn’t progress where I was and so branched out on my own. What an amazing journey it has been. Educating people who had never heard of animal iridology let alone for human. Showing how an animal can change after the eyes have been evaluated by a qualified iridology technician and sound advice suggested.

What is animal iridology, like the human, it is the reading of both irises. The left eye shows the information such as inherited issues, female related issues. Right sided is male related.

My book ANIMAL IRIDOLOGY SIMPLIFIED EMOTIONAL MENTAL PHYSICAL  LEVEL 1 will explain all you needed to know. It will help people to understand their animals better, be it a dog cat or horse.

Iridology is not a new science and goes far back, however in the 1800 a Polish Dr Ignatz von Peczely observed an owl with a broken leg that was later redefined in 1950 ‘s by Bernard Jensen whom came known as the “father of Iridology”. Haven taken over 8000 pictures of different animals eyes, it has been so rewarding to read the eyes of all the pictures and learn so much more on the E/M aspects to why the Physical only is noted later. Many hours of getting the charts of animals to a perfection, 2 years to be exact has been worth it.

A non-intrusive method that allows you to see inside the animal’s body to pinpoint the root of the cause.  So iridology goes directly to the cause and by passes the symptom. A correct illuminator is required on your camera to get a clear precise picture

My passion, my dream fulfilled to be able to help all types of animals by using Iridology. However the Hands on Healing  “ Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch” definitely lends a hand in confirming what the eyes read. 

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