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Diagnosis by the study of the iris of the eye.

Equine and Animal Iridology

The eyes are the window to the soul of the body and reveal only the truth. Let iridology solve the problems with the ones you love and have concern over or just make sure they are doing well within.

Iridology has been around for many years, in fact, Iridology was started in the early 1800s by Dr. Ignacz Von Preezely. Carried on by Dr. Bernard Jenson, who was given the title of “Father of Iridology”.

Iridology is not a replacement for veterinary treatment, it is, however,  a diagnostic tool whereby, I as an Iridology Technician, can pick up areas of concern and what state it is in. It is a non-invasive diagnostic technique, as well as a natural, valuable guide to health.

By looking at the patterns, colours and other characteristics the eyes can reflect the past and present state of health for all animals. This can also serve as a window to “early warning” signs that problems are starting to manifest, long before the disease symptom is recognized.

About Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch

Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch is a modality of unique healing for any animal. It is non-invasive, promotes cellular homeostasis and re-balances the body of an animal. This allows the animal to heal on a Mental, Emotional and Physical level.

It is not designed or intended to replace veterinary treatments, however, it is complementary to allopathic, homeopathic, chiropractic, herbal, light therapy and massages in addition to acupuncture and acupressure. When performed with accuracy, integrity, and intent it has a profound effect on animals.

The modality was developed by Mary Carey, a Kinesiology Animal Talk Expert, Reiki Master Healer, SANEF instructor, Bowen Practitioner, Equine Touch Practitioner, and an Animal Iridology Technician.

All animals benefit from this healing, even if they don’t present a specific problem. Clearing emotional and mental issues prevents the onset of a physical problem. Read More

What can it do for your animal?

Each animal is an individual and has developed their problems in their own way, generally due to communication problems. To get a better understanding of this, the practitioner observes the behaviour and the responses to each procedure in the session and can give a better understanding of where the problem has originated and what may be done about it.

Some of the problems that can be addressed are:


  • General well being and vitality
  • Stiffness or rigidity under saddle
  • Shortness in strides or lameness
  • Napping, bolting, etc.
  • Improper saddle fit
  • Head/ear shyness
  • Bridle lameness
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Depression, etc.

Dogs, Cats and Other Animals:

  • General well being and vitality
  • Aggression
  • Behavioural issues
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Slow recovery from illness
  • Recurrent illness
  • Injury
  • Hip and back problems
  • Lameness
  • Depression
  • Dietary problems

Remove The Cause, Alleviate The Symptom

Help any animal overcome their physical, emotional or mental stress, nutritional, behavioural and health disorders with Kinesiology Animal Talk.

Kinesiology Animal Talk is a hands-on therapy whereby muscle response is used to find the stress.

Kinesiology Animal Talk is a diagnostic, non-invasive energy release modality which clears the suppressions and encourages the body and mind to heal.

Who is it for?

Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch can be used on all animals. It brings about changes in behaviour, promotes healing and helps general health and wellbeing of the animal. Trained practitioners are all able to recognize signs of illness and discomfort.

Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch

The technique consists of a series of gentle moves. Each move performed, helps the animal recognize and process the effects. Practitioners are able to acknowledge and understand the animals’ needs. This healing must be performed with accuracy, integrity, and intent and can have the effect of inducing deep relaxation, releasing hypertonic and traumatized muscles.

The effects are a reduction in pain, muscle atrophy, detoxing the body and clearing the blocked lymphatics.  The emotional and mental states are released and the energy blockages freed, so, the flow of the Qi can stimulate the meridians and renews good circulation.

Animals will attain and maintain ideal states of homeostasis, in which, its own innate healing power is able to function to the best of its ability.

About Mary Carey

Mary Carey was born in Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) in 1952 and has been involved with animals all her life. Her father, Dickie Dickinson, was a Natural Animal Healer and she was brought up with domestic and wild animals: owls, warthogs, birds, cats, dogs, horses, and mice, to name a few.

Mary Carey feels her life would not be right if her time was not filled by these most amazing creatures.

Because Mary Carey has been involved with many different animals since an early age, she can communicate with them easily. To Mary Carey, understanding what they say, and what their needs are come naturally. That way, she passes the information on to the concerned owners.

Mary Carey’s qualifications are Specialised Kinesiologist, Reiki Master Healer, Kinesiology Animal Talk Expert, S.A.N.E.F. instructor, Bowen Practitioner, Equine Touch Practitioner. She is also a qualified, small and large animal Iridologist. Read More

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