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June 2019 was an amazing experience for my Iridology Student (Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch Practitioner) and myself joining the Eyology Congress at Joaquina Beach, in Florianópolis, SC, in the south of Brazil.

The opening statements by our host, Prof. André Werlang Garcia (standing), along with Eyologist Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer (next, left, sitting).

It was fascinating to spend several days with Sclerologists, Iridologists, and people of all walks of life, Doctors and Vets amongst them, and to learn so much about how Sclerology connects with Iridology.

Professor André Werlang Garcia will be coming to SA to teach Sclerology.

Mary, Jane, Rafaela.

The most exciting moment at the Congress was when Veterinarian, Iridologist, and Herbalist Dr. Rafaela Gavinelli joined forces with my Iridology School.

Paying good attention and taking notes…
One of the classes was outdoors, having the beautiful view of Joaquina Beach in the background of this happy group!

Our Veterinarian Consultant

Another highlight for the Iridology School was in July, whilst teaching in the Western Cape, I held a talk to encourage people to come and learn about this awesome work, and Veterinarian Dr. Magdalena Braum joined the School as the Veterinarian Consultant.


Talks will be held throughout SA to help everyone understand this technique and how it has helped so many animals to date.

Please Note: Iridology talks will commence soon.

Anyone interested in holding a talk please contact me.

Dates and venues to follow.

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